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    "As a teacher, I want to unlock a child’s full potential socially, emotionally and cognitively; the journey begins with a program that believes in high quality care.” – Katisha Jasper
    "The tremendous work LAUP is doing to develop a workforce for today is critical to the success of America's future workforce."

    Marcela Bailey
    Chair, LAUP Corporate Council
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    Workforce and Professional Development


    “I'm issuing a challenge to our states: Develop a cutting-edge plan to raise the quality of your early learning programs. Show us how you'll work to ensure that children are better prepared for success by the time they enter kindergarten.” - President Obama

    Over the last 30 years, there has been a growing demand for Early Care and Education (ECE) services— both in homes and in centers— for families from all socio-economic backgrounds. The field of ECE has faced significant challenges in attracting and maintaining the skilled, diverse and stable workforce required to meet that demand. Efforts to improve compensation and increase opportunities for professional growth and recognition are needed more than ever to attract new and younger people from different backgrounds into the workforce. As a result, developing the necessary ECE workforce has become a high priority and critical challenge in Los Angeles County— one that LAUP is actively addressing.

    LAUP is fostering a highly effective ECE workforce through professional development, promoting recruitment and retention, and encouraging collaboration. LAUP also administers the Los Angeles Early Care and Education Workforce Consortium, with the goal of improving the capacity of the ECE workforce in Los Angeles County.

    Join us on the journey at workforce.laup.net.