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    "What I see through the [LAUP] program is change —community change... now our community will have higher achieving children, which means less crime, more community involvement and safer neighborhoods.” 
    Diana Pinto, LAUP Site Worker

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    Workforce Development


    Research shows that when early childhood teachers are well educated and trained, the children they teach are more successful in school and in life.

    As such, it is important to ensure that early childhood educators (PreK-3) are fully prepared to address the unique developmental and academic needs of young children. This is an essential element of any attempt to address the achievement gap that is limiting children as they move through the educational system in communities across Los Angeles County.

    Enter The Los Angeles County Early Care and Education Workforce Consortium. The Consortium represents a countywide collaboration among organizations and educational institutions to provide and improve education, training and professional development opportunities for the current and future Early Care and Education (ECE) workforce. In that way, the workforce will be able to meet the needs of children and better prepare them for a successful academic future and beyond.

    The Consortium is expected to improve teacher preparation, placement and retention of early childhood educators and improve the achievement of young students, particularly children deemed “at risk.” Of the 900,000 young children (0-5) living in Los Angeles County, 22 percent live in poverty and 53 percent speak a language other than English at home (California Child Care Portfolio, 2007).

    Constructing an early childhood teacher preparation program system that produces well-trained teachers who can improve children’s academic achievement will result in better preparation of our children for elementary school and beyond.

    Learn more about the Los Angeles County Early Care and Workforce Consortium and additional programs for professional development.