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    ʺWe really see the difference of giving children the opportunity to experience a quality preschool education when we track their progress. It is simply one of the smartest investments we can make.ʺ -Gary Toebben, President and CEO
    Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

    After a year of quality preschool, children in LAUP programs:

    Surpassed the national average in math skills by approximately two points.

    Exceeded predetermined literacy and math goals from fall to spring semesters.

    At least 98% scored well in social skills after a year in an LAUP preschool compared to the national average of 85%.

    99% exhibited a high level of attention required for success in kindergarten as opposed to the national average of 85%.

    Improved from identifying 12 letters of the alphabet to identifying 18, while the national standard is 10 letters

    English learning students made significant gains in vocabulary, nationally outperforming their peers.
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     The Research

    Study after study shows quality preschool is an educational springboard that prepares children to learn and succeed in education, careers, and life.

    The benefits of early childhood education are undeniable. Neuroscientists have found that early experiences—particularly from birth to age five—shape a child’s brain and development and can have long-lasting effects, ultimately preparing children for a brighter future.

    Preschool matters and LAUP is the trusted preschool authority in Los Angeles County. Some known benefits of preschool:

    • Children who attend a quality preschool:
      • Enter kindergarten with better pre-reading skills, richer vocabularies and stronger basic math skills than those who do not. 
      • Are more likely to graduate from high school, be employed and earn a higher income.
      • Are less likely to be placed in special education, in need of public assistance or involved in crime.
    • Ninety-five percent of California kindergarten teachers say the students who attend preschool are better prepared for kindergarten in both social and academic areas. 
    • Kids enrolled in a quality preschool program post vocabulary and math gains 30-40% higher than kids who are not enrolled. 
    • Investment in quality preschool results in a more productive workforce by reducing absenteeism among parents. 
    • The early care and education industry generates $1.9 billion in gross receipts and creates more than 65,000 full-time equivalent jobs in Los Angeles
    • Economists have found that quality early childhood education offers one of the highest returns of any public investment – more than $7 for every dollar spent. 
    • Quality preschool programs save government spending on K-12 education, public assistance and the criminal justice system, and increases tax revenues because of higher earnings. 

    A Proven Investment

    The benefits of preschool are proven, undeniable, and critical to lifelong learning. Children who attend a quality preschool, like the ones funded by LAUP, enter kindergarten with better pre-reading skills, richer vocabularies, and stronger basic math skills than those who do not. These same individuals are more likely to graduate from high school, become employed, and earn a higher income. They are less likely to be placed in special education, be involved in crime, or need public assistance.

    Pre-writing skills for children who attended a LAUP funded preschool last year increased by 14 points from fall to spring, resulting in performances high above the national average.

    “Thanks to LAUP, Sasha was well prepared to excel in school when she began Kindergarten.  Sasha is now in the 4th grade, enrolled in the Gifted and Talented Program (GATE), has straight A’s and is thriving.  Thank you LAUP for giving my daughter a head start in school… and in life.”
    Former LAUP parent, Juanita Padilla

    Lifelong Impacts

    Preschool is beneficial to a child and a parent. The long-lasting benefits of attending preschool serve as a precursor to a successful transition into adulthood.

    “LAUP is preparing our future leaders for high-skill, high-wage employment in a fulfilling career of choice.”
    Alfred Osborne, Jr., Ph.D.
     Senior Associate Dean
    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    The benefits of attending preschool carry over throughout a person’s life. A study published in the journal Science reports on more than 1,400 individuals whose lives have been tracked for as many as 25 years. Those who had participated in a preschool program showed higher levels of educational accomplishments, socioeconomic status, and job skills than those who did not obtain a preschool education.

    A Growing Need

    While LAUP has made great strides to ensure children in Los Angeles County have access to a quality and affordable preschool education, there is still much to be done to close the achievement gap.

    Currently, more than 30,000 4 year olds in the county do not have access to preschool. As a result, many are starting behind and continuing to lag in school. At LAUP, we believe that quality education should be accessible and affordable, and we hope to extend the benefits of early childhood education to children from all socioeconomic backgrounds.


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