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    "I really like the program. Throughout the year, I noticed how my daughter developed new skills. I think this is a great program for the kids." - Gloria Gamboa, Parent

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    Why LAUP


    1. After a year of quality preschool, children in LAUP programs surpassed the national average in math skills by approximately two points.
    2. Children enrolled in LAUP programs exceed predetermined literacy and math goals from fall to spring semesters.
    3. 98% of children scored well in sociability after a year in an LAUP preschool compared to the national average of 84%.
    4. 99% of LAUP children exhibited a high level of attention required for success in kindergarten as opposed to the national average of 84%.
    5. After a year of quality preschool, children in an LAUP program improved from identifying 12 letters of the alphabet to identifying 18, while the national standard is 10 letters.
    6. English learners made significant gains in vocabulary after a year in LAUP, outperforming their peers nationally.