Janary 12, 2009

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New LAUP Preschool in Long Beach is Product of a Dream Come True

What started out as a dream has turned into reality for an LAUP provider, whose vision for a high-quality preschool serving an under-served community is now realized with the opening of Un Mundo de Amigos Preschool in Long Beach.

With the help of an LAUP investment of $913,000, Laurie Petersen, Preschool Administrator, was able to build the facility following 2.5 years of planning. The preschool will provide up to 144 children with a high-quality education at little no cost to their families.

"This preschool offers a service that is truly needed in this community, where many at-risk children live," Petersen said. "We will enable children to become better prepared for kindergarten and grow up to be successful adults. We will also make sure that this facility is used for community outreach and parent education. We want to become a valuable community asset."

The preschool, located on Long Beach Boulevard, offers morning and afternoon sessions. A ribbon-cutting ceremony at the site is scheduled for Jan. 30. To enroll your child, or for more information, please contact Lesbia De La Fuente at (562) 591-3666.


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