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    "Quality preschool means taking a comprehensive approach to laying a strong foundation for children’s success in school and life." -Molly Tafoya, Early Edge California
    Children who attend preschool are 5 times more likely to own a home at age 27.
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    Research experts, education professionals, and leaders agree: quality preschool matters. 

    Numerous studies show that quality early childhood education acts as a positive catalyst that gives children an unwavering foundation that fosters learning and success in future education, careers, and life in general. According to neuroscientists, early experiences—particularly from birth to age five—mold a child’s brain and cognitive development, resulting in long-lasting effects that lead to a positive future. It’s impossible to deny the benefits of preschool and how necessary it is for lifelong learning and development.

    Los Angeles Universal Preschool has helped over 115,000 children from various cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds receive a quality preschool experience. With our commitment to accessibility and affordability, we support free preschools in Los Angeles and offer funding for early childhood programs throughout the county. LAUP is dedicated to giving every child an opportunity to attend a quality public preschool in Los Angeles. Although building a universal preschool network is challenging in any county or state, LAUP hopes to serve as a model for others who are making the commitment to prepare every child for success in kindergarten and beyond.

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