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    "Transitional kindergarten is one of the first steps California’s youngest schoolchildren take in their academic careers and is a critical component of a strong foundation children need to succeed in school." - Early Edge California

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    Transitioning to Kindergarten



    The move from preschool to kindergarten is one of the most important transitions a child will make. It is often described as a period where a range of heightened emotions are experienced such as anxiety and fear, to excitement and hopefulness. When children and their families experience positive, smooth transitions, the benefits are children have higher levels of social competence, academic achievement and overall future school success. Families in turn experience more understanding and willingness to engage in their child's education. If children and their families experience ineffective transitions to kindergarten, the effects can be adverse such as children being at greater risk for school failure and social adjustment (LoCasale-Crouch et al, 2007).

    At LAUP, we're doing our part to support children and their families in transitioning to kindergarten through:

    • Promoting continuity from preschool to kindergarten
    • Offering trainings to providers on best practices in the field of transition and articulation to kindergarten
    • Working with individual providers to build their unique transition/articulation plans
    • Forming collaborative relationships with school districts and other stakeholders to support providers in the implementation of their transition/articulation plans
    • Encouraging family involvement at provider sites in all aspects of the transition to kindergarten process

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