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    "No matter where they are located, students should have access to world-class resources and experts that can enrich a learning experience that is largely designed just for them." - Arne Duncan  

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    Quality Preschool Education and the Importance Of Early Education<span class="Apple-tab-span" style="white-space: pre;">	</span>



    Preschool. It's not just for kids.

    Countless studies and numerous experts have proclaimed the importance of preschool education. Neuroscientists have proven that everything that a child experiences from birth to age five has a fundamental impact on his or her cognitive development. Preschool is an experience that far exceeds classroom education, laying the groundwork for a child’s success in future pursuits.

    LAUP is the trusted preschool authority in Los Angeles County and is one of the first in line to tout the importance of preschool education. Some of preschool’s benefits include:

    • Children who attend a quality preschool:

    1. Enter kindergarten with significantly better reading skills, stronger arithmetic skills, and richer vocabularies than children who do not attend preschool.
    2. Have a higher probability of graduating high school, gaining employment, and earning a higher income.
    3. Have a reduced chance of being placed in special education, requiring public assistance, or being involved in crime.
    • According to 95 percent of California’s kindergarten teachers, children who attend preschool are better socially and academically prepared for kindergarten.

    • Children who have attended a quality preschool program have vocabulary and math scores 30 to 40 percent higher than kids who have not attended preschool.

    Preschool benefits research also shows that early childhood education offers substantial advantages to society at large.

    • Investing in a preschool education results in a more productive workforce as it reduces absenteeism among working parents.

    • The early care and education industry generates about $1.9 billion in gross receipts and creates over 65,000 full-time equivalent jobs in Los Angeles.

    • According to economists, quality preschool education offers one of the highest returns on any public investment—over $7 for every dollar spent.

    • Quality preschool education increases tax revenues from high earnings and saves the government’s spending on K-12 education, public assistance, and the criminal justice system.

    Contact us to learn how you can get involved or if you have any questions about our preschool benefits research.