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    One-third of all children born in the U.S. in 2000 may develop diabetes during their lifetime if the obesity epidemic remains unchecked.

    Let’s work to create healthy communities:
    LAUP’s Choose Health LA Kids project is seeking partners with childcare providers, parent groups, food retailers, restaurants, community and faith based organizations and public agencies to provide nutrition and physical activity education and resources to families with children ages 0-5. All of our efforts are in the communities of Lakewood, Artesia, Norwalk, S. Whittier, Whittier, E. La Mirada, and Mirada.

    To become involved, email chlakids@laup.net with Choose Health LA Kids Project in the subject line or contact Meka Webb at 213-416-1395.

    “The Giving Circle is a terrific way for LAUP staff as well as the external community to participate and give back.”—Hengameh Moshar, LAUP supporter

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    Quality preschool is now proven to be the best investment that we can make in our future. There are few other opportunities as significant as supporting quality preschool for all children. Every dollar spent on early childhood education returns seven to ten dollars worth of financial benefit to society, as well as priceless improvements in the personal, educational, and career outcomes of children.

    LAUP is proud to help educate 11,000 preschool-aged children throughout Los Angeles County each year. However, more than 30,000 4 year olds in the county still do not have access to preschool.

    Reaching all four-year-olds and their families in Los Angeles will take a collective effort and is one of our on-going goals at LAUP. To do this, we need your help. Partner with us to support local preschools and help address educational and economic inequalities so we may help level the playing field for thousands of children. It’s a worthy investment to support preschools in Los Angeles County. Enrolling kids in preschool leads to a healthy, productive, talented, and skilled future workforce.

    The RAND Corporation recently stated that taxpayers gain just as much from having more productive members of society. As a result, effective early childhood education programs have been shown to generate total benefits to society as high as $10 for every dollar invested.

    Learn more about giving opportunities and how you can make life-changing preschool donations today.