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    “The real question is how to use the available funds wisely. The best evidence supports the policy prescription: Invest in the Very Young.” - James J. Heckman

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    Below are just some giving examples of how your support can transform a child’s preschool experience at LAUP.

    • A gift of $50 provides 8 books for a preschool classroom library
    • A gift of $100 provides 2 tricycles for children to use during outdoor time
    • A gift of $250 provides one month’s worth of lunch and snacks for a classroom
    • A gift of $500 provides a new library for a classroom with at least 75 books.
    • A gift of $1,000 provides a year’s worth of meals to a preschool student, which is essential for a child to take full advantage of the learning opportunities a quality preschool experience provides. 

    Consider making a life-changing donation today.