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    “I really like the program. Throughout the year, I noticed how my daughter developed new skills. She became more social. She learned how to write her full name and last name. I love the different activities LAUP had, for example the Christmas musical. I think this is a great program for the kids. Thank you for everything.” – Gloria Gamboa, parent
    "LAUP is preparing our future leaders for high-skill, high-wage employment in a fulfilling career of choice."

    Alfred Osborne, Jr., Ph.D.
    Senior Associate Dean
    UCLA Anderson School of Management
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    Did you know that the preschool years can be the most productive learning years in a child's life? The long-term effects of early education on your child's social and emotional development may be the most important outcome of a quality preschool education. While every child develops at his or her own rate, at LAUP we encourage our providers to offer experiences that foster growth, learning, and fun. Click to the left for preschool resources for parents.



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    Get access to all of the forms, information, and resources that LAUP offers. As an LAUP provider, you will receive coaching, mentoring, and other support services from your LAUP coaches. We believe in helping you become the highest-quality program possible from the day you join LAUP. Throughout the year, we provide on-site training, business planning, curriculum assistance, quality support visits, parent engagement trainings, and other opportunities to learn and share best practices. Click the link on the left for preschool resources for providers.

    Whether you are an experienced preschool teacher or are thinking about becoming one, this is where you can connect with the various LAUP workforce development projects, preschool teacher resources, and training exercises that are available to you.


    One of the most important preschool resources for parents, much research supports the value and lifelong effect of early childhood education. Click to the left to see key findings.