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    "Quality preschool means taking a comprehensive approach to laying a strong foundation for children’s success in school and life." - Molly Tafoya, Director of Communications Early Edge California

    Children who attend preschool are 5 times more likely to own a home at age 27.

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    In this section we will connect you with the tools and resources you need to help you create and maintain quality practices around the areas of curriculum, health, special needs English language learners and transitioning your children to kindergarten.

    Health and Special Needs
    Visit Fit by 5 LA

    Supporting Children with Special Needs
    "Inclusion is the full and active participation of children with disabilities and other special needs in community activities, services and programs designed for typically developing children including preschool."
    First 5 California – Children and Family Commission on School Readiness

    The goal of a quality inclusive preschool program is to support school readiness by improving provider access to best practices in classroom strategies and techniques that support children with special needs. Enhancing the quality of the preschool experience for children with special needs or those in special circumstances involves connecting preschools with key community resources and supporting effective classroom strategies. LAUP strives to support the needs of our preschool providers with timely information, education, training opportunities, and community resources when serving children with special needs or circumstances.

    Some of the most common areas of support are helping providers understand the IEP process, speech and language delays, sensory needs of children (sensory integration), ASD and challenging behaviors. Program Support Specialists can connect providers with resources, information, access to training, and links to community resources.

    For more information about Special Needs support services at LAUP contact:
    Cynthia Santana, Program Support Specialist
    213-416-1244 or csantana@laup.net

    Astrid Feist, Program Support Specialist
    213-416-1214 or afeist@laup.net


    Special Needs Resources

    Click here to download a wide variety of resources available within L.A. County, including school districts, SELPA contacts, family resource centers and more.

    Regional Centers in Los Angeles County

    Seven Regional Centers throughout Los Angeles County contract with the California Department of Developmental Services to provide or coordinate services to individuals with developmental disabilities. Early Start provides teams of service coordinators, health care providers, early intervention specialists, therapists and parent resource specialists to assess infants or toddlers and provide early intervention services to eligible children.

    Regional Centers Contact Information

    Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center
    1000 South Fremont Avenue
    Alhambra, CA 91802-7916
    Areas served: Eastern Los Angeles county including the communities of Alhambra and Whittier
    Telephone: (626) 299-4700

    Frank Lanterman Regional Center
    3303 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 700
    Los Angeles, CA 90010
    Areas served: Central Los Angeles county including Burbank, Glendale, and Pasadena
    Telephone: (213) 383-1300

    Harbor Regional Center
    21231 Hawthorne Boulevard
    Torrance, CA 90503
    Areas served: Southern Los Angeles county including Bellflower, Harbor, Long Beach, and Torrance
    Telephone: (310) 540-1711

    North Los Angeles County Regional Center
    15400 Sherman Way, Suite 170
    Van Nuys, CA 91406-4211
    Areas served: Northern Los Angeles county including San Fernando and Antelope Valleys
    Telephone: (818) 778-1900

    San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center
    761 Corporate Center Drive
    Pomona, CA 91768
    Areas served: Eastern Los Angeles county including El Monte, Monrovia, Pomona, and Glendora
    Telephone: (909) 620-7722

    South Central Los Angeles Regional Center
    650 West Adams Boulevard, Suite 200
    Los Angeles, CA 90007-2545
    Areas served: Southern Los Angeles county including the communities of Compton and Gardena
    Telephone: (213) 744-7000

    Westside Regional Center
    5901 Green Valley Circle, Suite 320
    Culver City, CA 90230-6953
    Areas served: Western Los Angeles county including the communities of Culver City, Inglewood, and Santa Monica
    Telephone: (310) 258-4000


    A quality preschool program should have a well articulated curriculum to guide instructional practice and to ensure that children learn developmentally appropriate activities to get them ready for kindergarten. LAUP supports providers in using a curriculum that is research based and helps to prepare child for kindergarten.
    At LAUP, we're doing our part to promote a high quality preschool experience through:

    • Providing trainings and resources on learning domains, instructional strategies and intentional teaching
    • Providing resources for providers about our approved curricula and approaches
    • Offering an annual three-day professional development series called "Teacher Institute" designed to develop the practices and behaviors of LAUP teaching staff

    For more information on curriculum please contact:
    Astrid Feist, Program Support Specialist
    213-416-1214 or afeist@laup.net

    Cynthia Santana, Program Support Specialist
    213-416-1244 or csantana@laup.net

    English Language Learners

    Supporting Children's Language Development & Cultural Competency

    A child's ability to communicate and be understood is critical in laying the foundation for school readiness. During early childhood, many children experience dramatic growth and progress in the development of both receptive and expressive language. Since all children at the age of four are acquiring and developing language at a rapid pace, promotion of language development is critical in the preschool years. Developmentally, one could say that all preschool children are, "English Language Learners," because they have not yet fully developed or mastered English at this age.

    For all providers and professionals who work with young children, cultural competency and a focus on anti-bias practices are critical program practices. Los Angeles County is one of the most populous and diverse counties in the United States, whose population speaks more than 91 different languages. Our LAUP preschool children reflect similar diversity. Developmentally, children who are acquiring a second or multiple languages, either through home teaching or in the preschool, are also "English Language Learners."

    The goal of the English Language Learners (ELL) focus area is to support all LAUP preschools with tools and techniques to support oral language development, cultural competency and anti-bias practices. Preschool providers are supported through the provision of timely information, training opportunities, links to community resources and support in individualized instruction as needed or requested.

    These “ELL Training Modules” are a brief overview of some of the more common topics that impact preschool children whose home language is not English. We encourage you to review these modules and share them with your fellow colleagues, teachers and families.

    Please click on any of the following presentations to learn more:
    (link to subpages not word docs)
    Gathering Information About the Cultural and Linguistic Backgrounds of Children
    Responding to Cultural and Linguistic Diversity
    Vocabulary Instruction in Early Language Development

    For more information on LAUP's ELL focus area, contact:

    Astrid Feist
    Program Support Specialist
    (213) 416-1214

    Cynthia Santana
    Program Support Specialist
    (213) 416-1244

    Transitioning to Kindergarten

    The move from preschool to kindergarten is one of the most important transitions a child will make. It is often described as a period where a range of heightened emotions are experienced such as anxiety and fear, to excitement and hopefulness. When children and their families experience positive, smooth transitions, the benefits are children are believed to have higher levels of social competence, academic achievement and overall future school success. Families in turn experience more understanding and willingness to engage in their child's education. If children and their families experience ineffective transitions to kindergarten, the effects can be adverse, with children being at greater risk for school failure and social adjustment (LoCasale-Crouch et al, 2007).

    At LAUP, we're doing our part to support children and their families in transitioning to kindergarten through:

    • Promoting continuity from preschool to kindergarten
    • Offering trainings to providers on best practices in the field of transition and articulation to kindergarten
    • Working with individual providers to build their unique transition/articulation plans
    • Forming collaborative relationships with school districts and other stakeholders to support providers in the implementation of their transition/articulation plans
    • Encouraging family involvement at provider sites in all aspects of the transition to kindergarten process

    Facts on Transitional Kindergarten

    Classroom Resources

    Vendor Discount Program

    The Vendor Discount Program was established by LAUP in 2007 to provide special discounts on educational supplies and equipment from various companies to all of LAUP's preschool providers and parents. By taking advantage of the program, LAUP's providers are able to enhance the quality of their programs in a cost-effective manner. Companies that participate in the program enjoy the benefits of reaching LAUP's network of more than 300 preschool providers.

    In 2008, the Vendor Discount Program was expanded to include LAUP's network of parents and grantees of our Early Care and Education Workforce Initiative. All of LAUP's network will receive a discount card to be part of the program.

    Now that the new school year is here, get your new, green and orange LAUP Vendor Discount Card. Please fill out the LAUP Vendor Discount Card Verification Form here and return it to Liliana Cook. Your new card will be mailed to you once your form is processed.

    For more information on the Vendor Discount Program, or if your company is interested in being part of the program, please contact:

    Carole Crone
    (213) 416-1274

    A Teachers' School Supply, Inc.
    No shipping and handling charges added to an order from the 2010 catalog with a merchandise value of $4,490 or higher (excludes playground equipment, picnic tables, lofts, cafeteria tables and Screenflex room dividers) if shipped within the 48 contiguous United States.
    10% discount on purchases of $195 or more in merchandise from the catalog or website.

    For more information or to place an order, please contact Tony McCutcheon at (800) 477-7745 ext 232 or email him at tonym@teacherssupply.com . You must reference the following code when placing orders: LAUP510.

    Becker's School Supplies
    18% discount on any catalog item. This offer applies to any order placed over $1.00 but cannot be combined with any other offer, promotion or sale. Discount is not applicable to a small quantity of items marked with a cross. Please indicate promo code LAUP10.

    Free Freight on any orders placed over $400.00, after discount. Furniture and equipment items marked with a red checkmark are excluded from Free Delivery and freight charges will be applied to these items.

    Place orders 4 easy ways

    For more information or for excellent customer service please contact Erich Becker at (800) 523-1490 ext 102, Cellular 1-609-233-6430 or email: erich.becker@cjbinc.com

    CM School Supply

    • 10% off & free freight on consumables over $200.00
    • 5% off furniture, trikes & carpets. Free freight over $250.00
    • Orders over $5,000.00 will receive specialized customer service which includes classroom set up, inside delivery & product assembly. Call for details 800-464-6681
    • Discounts do not apply to playground equipment and/or audio visual merchandise or custom kits.
    • For any questions please call Joshua Alvarez, your local representative at 562-884-2638 or you can email him at jalvarez@cmschoolsupplly.com Should you have any questions regarding your orders or want to place orders please contact Christina Sarmiento at 714-680-6681 or email her at christina@cmschoolsupply.com

    Community Playthings

    • 2% discount off our current catalog price
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    • Free inside delivery, over the first threshold of the building
    • Free room planning service
    • 10-year warranty on all components

    For more information or to place an order, contact Gillian Swinger at (800) 777-4244 or sales@communityplaythings.com . Please indicate that you are part of LAUP's network.

    Discount School Supply

    • 15% discount on in-stock items
    • Free shipping with minimum purchase of $79 (indicate source code: LAUP)
    • Hands-on training in art, science and literacy
    • Director's demo to experience new products

    Access to Art and Creativity Web site: www.artandcreativity.blogspot.com

    Place orders one of three easy ways and reference your LAUP source code to get your discount:

    For more information, or special requests call Anna Reyner, Southern California Area Manager at (323) 939-5633.

    Discovery Toys

    • 10% discount on all orders
    • Free shipping with a minimum purchase of $100
    • Parent/caregiver workshops on various topics, including learning through play
    • Fundraisers and toy drives for providers. Receive free products or funds.
    • Lifetime guarantee on all products

    For more information or to place an order, contact September Hill, Sales Representative, at (323) 292-9550 or septghill@earthlink.net . Please provide LAUP ID Code when ordering.

    East West Discovery Press

    • 10% discount on any multicultural and bilingual books distributed by East West Discovery Press
    • 15% discount on the LAUP Storybook Corner titles
    • Free shipping for book orders of more than $500
    • Fundraising book fair program available. LAUP providers can earn up to 15% of the book fair purchases.
    • Free customized multicultural and bilingual book lists available based on provider's thematic units or curriculum.
    • Author programs available to promote literacy skills and cultural diversity awareness.

    For more information or to place an order, please contact Icy Smith, Publisher, at (310) 545-3730, and let her know that you are affiliated with LAUP.

    Flower Feelings Social Emotional Skill Building Kits

    • 20 % discount on all orders including any teacher/parent workshops.
    • Free shipping on all orders over $100.00

    To place an order, please call Daniel Nix at (310) 922-1963 or email us at flowerfeelings@verizon.net . Let us know that you are a member of LAUP when you place your order, and we will take care of the rest! Visit us at http://www.flowerfeelings.com

    Hatch/Creative Diversity

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    • Access to Classroom Integration Consultants

    For more information or to place an order, contact Jeremy Silkstone, Sales Consultant at (800) 624-7968, ext 1229 or jsilkstone@hatchearlychildhood.com . Simply refer to HATCH bid number B40-10 when placing an order.

    Kaplan Early Learning Company

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    To take advantage of this special "LAUP" promotion, have providers reference "LAUP" when they are placing orders either by phone, website, or by mail. For additional information, questions, or ordering support, please contact Jeremy Fisher at (888) 718-8880 extension 3314 or by emailJeremy.fisher@kohburg.com .
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    Lakeshore Learning Materials

    • Boxing and labeling of your entire order to specific classrooms, teachers, etc.
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    To place an order, please call Tracy Shaw toll free at (800) 421-5354 x 2785. Let us know that you are a member of LAUP when you place your order, and we will take care of the rest! Want to place an order online? Visit us at www.lakeshorelearning.com and type "LAUP Member" in the comments section. Also, you can visit your local Lakeshore store and receive your LAUP discount by presenting your LAUP membership card at the time of purchase.
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    Pacific Coast Playgrounds

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    For more information or to place an order, please contact Nicole Doucette at (909) 464-1600 or at Nicole@pacificcoastplay. Callers must identify they are part of the LAUP network at time of order and use "LAUP" as the discount code.

    Spark (Sports, Play & Active Recreation for Kids!)

    • 10% discount on curriculum
    • 10% discount on on-site training workshops
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    • Lifetime follow-up support through "SPARKS Stars"
    • SPARK quarterly newsletter with SPARK updates, instructional tips, helpful articles and more
    • Free cost analysis
    • Presentations and sample curricula available

    For more information or to place an order, please contact Donna Boyd, Program Consultant, at (800) 772-7573 x 2213. You will be asked to send a copy of your vendor discount card when you place your order.

    Teaching Strategies

    • 20% discount on catalog items with a minimum purchase of $250, excluding non-Teaching Strategies products, Math, Literacy, or Classroom Resource kits, The Creative Curriculum for Preschool in Action DVD, Teaching Strategies GOLD Assessment System, eCDA, cc.net, CC port, conference or training registrations, MindNuture products, and EdPro videos (indicate promo code LAUPVDP1)
    • Materials available in Spanish

    For more information or to place an order, please contact the Sales and Customer solutions Department at (800) 637-3652 or visit www.teachingstrategies.com.

    We can use this: Working with online sign vendor BuildaSign.com, LAUP has created an online store for LAUP-funded preschools to purchase banners, lawnsigns, vehicle magnets and bumper stickers. Click here to place your order today.

    LAUP Merchandise
    Stop by our ‘store’ at Café Press. You can find tee shirts, clocks, cups and more. You can create and sell products as a fundraiser on this website as well. Click here to shop now.

    Community Links
    The websites here will give you all the information you need to connect with the greater preschool community.

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