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    Preschool: It's how to captivate a child's imagination and help it soar. 

    Charles, a pint-sized boy with round, dark brown eyes that light up with excitement whenever his preschool teacher asks the class question, loves to throw up his arm in response, stretching his fingers as high as they can reach.

    Sitting cross-legged on the circle time rug with his peers, Charles restrains himself from blurting out the answer.

    “Who was George Washington Carver?” his LAUP preschool teacher, Nicolette Rogers, asks one day at an LAUP preschool in Inglewood.

    When it is Charles’ turn, he answers: “He was a scientist and an artist. And he was an inventor!”

    "That's right, Charles," his teacher encourages.

    After circle time, the children line up near their cubbies and a table displaying some of the types of products the famous inventor once made: baby food, lotion, shampoo, glue, peanut butter.

    As the assistant teacher leads the children out for some play time, little Charles spends a few extra minutes with Ms. Rogers.

    “Charles can read,” Ms. Rogers says. Charles sits down at a table with Ms. Rogers, who has been teaching preschool-aged children for more than 25 years, yet watches her students with a fresh sense of awe each day. She smiles as Charles’ fingers underline the words in his book and multisyllabic words roll off his tongue with ease.

    While it is important to note that each child develops reading skills at their own pace, LAUP’s coaches and Parent Engagement Resource Specialists help preschool teachers and providers teach early literacy skills to children and reinforce to them how to help parents teach these skills at home.

    Raising a child (and educating a child) is a shared responsibility between family, school and community. Research shows that children enrolled in quality preschool post vocabulary and math gains 30-40 percent higher than children who were not enrolled in preschool. Such data pushes us to make quality preschool education available to all children. After a year in LAUP-rated preschools, children surpassed the national average in math and literacy.

    Parents enroll their beloved children in LAUP preschools because of our safe and engaging environments that prepare children for kindergarten; our qualified, enthusiastic and supportive teachers; and our philosophy that every child can learn. That every child can reach his or her potential in literacy, math, science and more.

    PAs one parent, Edgar Aranda, says,“My son’s educational foundation is rock solid because we, as parents, knew the importance of preschool, and my son, as a student, benefitted from the service provided by LAUP.”