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    "Quality preschool means taking a comprehensive approach to laying a strong foundation for children’s success in school and life." - Molly Tafoy, Director of Communications Early Edge California 
    “Los Angeles Universal Preschool (LAUP) is breaking new ground in early childhood education by working with preschool centers and family childcare providers to ensure that high quality voluntary preschool is available to every four year old in Los Angeles County, regardless of their family’s income.”

    -- Family Magazine
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    Quality Support Coaching


    The cornerstone of LAUP’s program is its coaching model. It is a collaborative effort between LAUP coaches and providers that is designed to help providers achieve higher standards of excellence.  By building a strong relationship with their individual preschool sites, coaches share a wealth of comprehensive services and resources, and help providers to develop high quality Early Childhood Education (ECE) programs.

    To ensure and enhance the quality of our preschool programs, LAUP provides each preschool provider site with a quality coach and a fiscal coach. By using this model, LAUP increases the ability of the preschool to offer a quality program, as well as run an efficient business operation from the day they join the LAUP network. The coaches support the providers by offering on-site training, a solid business plan, curriculum assistance, quality support visits, parent engagement training and more.

    Quality Support Coaches

    LAUP Quality Support Coaches are professionals who:

    • Have a BA / MA in Child Development, Early Childhood Education or a related field
    • Have worked in the field as:
      • Mentors
      • Coaches
      • Technical support specialists for both child care centers and family child care programs
      • Community college instructors
      • Former teachers / Directors

    Our coaches are trained in research-based curriculum, assessments, teaching strategies and other resources that they use to support and elevate your program to the next level of excellence.

    How We Can Support Programs

    Quality Support Coaches work closely with LAUP teachers and support staff (i.e. program administrators) to understand each program’s strengths, challenges and objectives. Based on classroom needs, a coach helps to develop goals aimed toward enhancing and improving the quality of the program. The coach stays connected with the provider through constant communication, ensuring providers have the information needed to be successful.

    Quality Support Coaches do the following:

    • Ask questions to understand your program needs
    • Acknowledge and evaluate your strengths
    • Facilitate trainings
    • Link providers to LAUP specialists and other departments
    • Demonstrate teaching strategies by modeling
    • Provide supportive observation and feedback
    • Help you maintain a safe and appropriate preschool environment
    • Assist in implementing ideas learned in trainings
    • Engage in brainstorming activities designed toward developing new and innovative ways to accomplish goals