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    “I have been working with children for 15 years, and I’m proud to be part of LAUP. I have seen how the LAUP program has changed, improved and raised the bar for quality education for young children. I think I am a better teacher and provider for it. I have seen how it has improved the lives of my families.” – Elizabeth Preza

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    Program Support

    Program Support

    The Program Support Team consist of the following: Program Support Specialists, Parent Engagement Specialists, and Health and Wellness Specialist.  

    Who are Program Support Specialists?

    Program Support Specialists provide support, resources, materials and information to LAUP teaching staff to further enhance the quality of LAUP classrooms in the areas of curriculum, observation, assessment, English Language Learners, special needs and teaching strategies.

    What type of support do we offer?

    • Teacher Institute: Coordinate a 3-day professional development series on intentional teaching strategies to enhance our LAUP classrooms and meet the individual needs of our children.
    • Learning Communities: A series of on-going conversations and idea sharing for LAUP teaching staff around the strategies presented at the Teacher Institute.
    • Trainings: Coordination and facilitation of trainings on specific topics like developmental assessments such as DRDP-PS (2010), developmental screenings (ASQ),
    • Trainings: On-site professional development for our LAUP classrooms on a variety of topics such as curriculum overviews, supporting English Language Learners, working with children with special needs. Please refer to Program Support Training Topics Flyer for specific trainings.
    • LAUP Lending Library and resources: A collection of professional development books, children’s books, articles, and materials LAUP providers may access.

    Who are the Parent Engagement Specialists?

    The LAUP Parent Engagement Resource Specialists ensure our providers offer a variety of opportunities for parents to be engaged in their child’s education and learning. They provide assistance in increasing communication with parents, create opportunities to be hands-on in the classroom, encourage connections between the home and school, and utilize resources in the community. For more information, visit our Parent Engagement page.

    Who is the Health and Wellness Specialist?

    The Health and Wellness Specialist works with the Program Support team to support health and wellness at LAUP. Technical assistance is provided to meet providers’ specific needs such as meeting their RUG objectives or addressing specific parent concerns or questions. Throughout the school year, the following are our general priority areas:

    1. Promoting Physical Activity
    2. Promoting Healthy Eating Practices
    3. General Health Topics