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    "In our efforts [with LAUP] we hope to develop sustainable approaches to improving nutrition and physical activity practices for all preschool families." - UCLA/RAND Prevention Research Center 
    "The parent ambassador program has unlocked a strong passion in me for speaking up, and with training, I have learned how to use my voice. I want to pass that on and inspire others."

    Gabriela Toro
    LAUP Parent Ambassador
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    Physical Activity and Nutrition

    Physical Activity and Nutrition

    LAUP's physical activity and nutrition program ensures children develop healthy habits that carry into adulthood. LAUP works closely with preschools to incorporate physical activity and nutrition into their programs, and also helps families support these behaviors at home.

    At LAUP, we focus on shaping the overall development of a preschooler, and encourage our preschool providers to take an active leadership role in helping families incorporate healthy habits into children’s everyday lives.