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    To be able to provide high quality preschool to every child in the world is a priority for all of us in the field of Early Chlidhood Education. Advocacy is a must and I am very proud to be a part of LAUP in this fun and exciting time! It is exciting to hear that every child will be eligible for preschool!" - Fredy Ruiz, Teacher

    Children who attend preschool are 5 times more likely to own a home at age 27.

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    Helping Your Preschooler

    Did you know that the preschool years can be the most productive learning years in a child's life? The long-term effects of early education on your child's social and emotional development may be the most important outcome of a high-quality preschool education. While every child develops at their own rate, at LAUP, we encourage our providers to offer experiences that foster growth, learning and fun. Here are some things your child will see and do this coming year:


    • Washing hands independently
    • Covering their mouth and nose when they need to sneeze or cough
    • Knowing the names of their body parts

    Large Motor Skills

    • Walking in a straight line, running, climbing, jumping
    • Riding a tricycle

    Small Motor Skills

    • Holding a pencil properly
    • Using scissors correctly

    Socio-Emotional Skills

    • Understanding and expressing their feelings
    • Playing well with others
    • Separating from primary caregiver(s)

    Approaches to Learning

    • Allowing children to discover and explore on their own
    • Making learning fun

    Language Skills

    • Listening
    • Building vocabulary
    • Beginning writing

    Daily Attendance Matters

    To make sure your child gets the most out of his or her preschool experience, regular attendance is critical. Making a commitment to having your child attend preschool every day and being on time sets the precedence for a positive life-long attitude towards learning. In fact, unless your child is showing signs of illness, he or she will greatly benefit from attending preschool every day. Children require and adjust well to predictable routines and consistency, which is often achieved through regular attendance.

    Make sure your child receives all the benefits that preschool has to offer:

    • Make a commitment to have your child attend preschool every day, on time.
    • If your child is reluctant to come to school, be sure to communicate this to the teacher. Together, you can make plans to address the concerns of your child.
    • Make sure your child has a daily predictable routine, including a routine for bed-time and for waking up in the morning.
    • Be sure to allow enough time for these routines so that you and your child do not feel rushed.
    • Have your child get a good night's rest to make sure he/she has enough energy to participate in classroom activities.
    • When talking with your child, be positive about preschool and the school staff. Cultivate your child's interest in discovering new things and his or her love of learning.
    • Remember, by bringing your child to preschool every day, you are helping to ensure that he/she will live up to their full potential and become a successful lifelong learner!