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    "My son learned so much over this past year. Colors, shapes, numbers, how to work well with outher children. The teachers are great, happy and upbeat, always a smile. I would highly recommend LAUP." - Vivian Duron, parent
    "The workshop are filled with so much great information, I look forward to the next session each and every time! They are also so much FUN not to mention the network of friends that I have met who care as much about their child's education as I do." – Dascha

    "I love being a Parent Ambassador...I've been spreading the news and telling everyone I know about LAUP...I've learned a lot from attending the workshops, like writing letters and engaging your elected officials and we have a say. That has been very important." –Tene

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    Parent Ambassador


    The LAUP Parent Ambassador Program provides parents with the opportunity to speak up for the needs of their children and their community. Through this program, Parent Ambassadors receive the training, tools and materials they need to advocate for their child and on behalf of all children who do not have access to a high-quality preschool program. LAUP Parent Ambassadors participate in hands-on workshops that include topics such as:

    • Preschool Parent Advocacy 101
    • Who are the Decision Makers in my community?
    • Making my voice heard: What to say, when to say it
    • Speaking Up and Letter Writing for change
    • What to expect when meeting my legislator
    • Becoming an effective spokesperson for Preschool

    It's easy to speak up as a Parent Ambassador for quality early education. This video provides simple steps for getting involved in influencing decision makers and spreading the word.

    Speaking for Our Nation's Children


    Why should I join?
    Because there is no one else in the world who can speak up on behalf of your child like you can and there is no one who better understands the importance of making high-quality preschool something that all children should have access to. The LAUP Parent Ambassador program is where you will learn the power of your voice, connect with parents who share your passion for advocacy and education and where you will have the chance to travel to Sacramento and/or Washington D.C. to meet elected officials.

    When are the workshops and do I need to attend them all?
    The parent Ambassador Workshops will be held monthly at four different locations throughout Los Angeles County. Click here to see a schedule of workshops and topics covered. We encourage parents to attend as many workshops as possible. 

    If you miss a workshop, you are welcome to attend workshops in any of our other LA County locations, attend our workshop make-up session, or contact us for an overview.

    How can I get started?
    Complete the interest form and then submit it to your child’s Preschool Teacher or Director.

    If you have any questions and/or would like to voice your opinion in additional ways, please contact the Parent Ambassador phone line at (213) 416-1227 or by email at ambassador@laup.net