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    "Preschool is needed to not only teach children the basics of how to behave in a classroom but to give them a foundation to build from when they enter kindergarten." - Sidney Vong  

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    Parent Alliance for Leadership<span class="Apple-tab-span" style="white-space: pre;">	</span>

    Parent Alliance for Leadership

    PAL is a series of parent workshops, to help you learn current child development trends and strategies to support your child's growth and educational success. As an LAUP parent, we encourage you to participate in the Parent Alliance for Leadership (PAL) program. Some popular topics include Discipline, Nutrition, Home-School Activities and Transition to Kindergarten.

    At the Parent Alliance meetings, you can develop your leadership skills, learn more about services in your community and show other parents how to support the children in your community. The Parent Alliance will:

    • Create, support and encourage family events
    • Strengthen communication between parents, preschools and community agencies
    • Help parents learn more about programs and services in the community
    • Give feedback about your child's preschool experience

    For more information, talk to your LAUP preschool provider or email the LAUP Parent Engagement & Resource Team at: ParentEngagement@laup.net or call (213) 416-1272.