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    "I believe the purpose of quality early education is to share knowledge, so that children can acquire skills that will help them become productive members of society." -Katisha Jasper

    "LAUP is preparing our future leaders for high-skill, high-wage employment in a fulfilling career of choice."

    Alfred Osborne, Jr., Ph.D.
    Senior Associate Dean
    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    "Investment in quality education programs can produce a rate of return to society significantly higher than a return on most stock market investments or traditional economic development projects."

    Bob Zukis
    Retired Partner
    Pricewaterhouse Coopers

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    Our Vision

    Educational Justice: Every child will succeed in school and life.

    Our Mission

    LAUP is a 10-year-old non-profit organization whose mission is to support the development of the whole child, grow a qualified and diverse workforce, and strengthen family engagement. The organization creates and sustains strategic partnerships and advocates for policies that promote access and program excellence. Since 2005, LAUP has prepared more than 115,000 children for kindergarten and beyond by funding, rating and raising the level of quality preschool programs throughout Los Angeles County.

    Affordability, Accessibility and Quality

    LAUP has a proven commitment to increasing preschool access and affordability in Los Angeles County as evidenced by over 115,000 children who have been educated in over 640 quality preschools since 2005.

    A strong focus on quality is demonstrated through our 5-Star Quality Rating and Improvement System, which serves as a model for a statewide rating system. The rating scale evaluates the quality of preschool using criteria developed in collaboration with early childhood education experts, educators, and parents. This system improves the effectiveness of classrooms and the overall educational experience through its intensive coaching model. It also provides parents with an easy-to-understand star rating scale to assist in their selection of a quality preschool. More than half of all LAUP providers have achieved at least 4 out of 5 stars on this rating system.

    LAUP is serving as a model to other counties and states by:

    Creating new preschool spaces efficiently
    In addition to new buildings, LAUP provides funds to operate previously empty classrooms, and constantly looks for opportunities to maximize the use of public and private funds.

    Making preschool more affordable
    Preschool is often out of reach for middle and working-class families. That’s why LAUP provides access to high-quality preschools at little to no cost, and families are not turned away because they cannot afford to pay or due to their geographic location within Los Angeles County.

    Giving preschools the funding they need
    LAUP provides funding that enables preschools to hire and retain qualified teachers and fill their classrooms with materials that maximize the children’s learning experience.

    Continuously improving quality
    Through intensive quality coaching and support and the development of exemplary practices in a number of important areas, LAUP strives to raise the bar in quality for early childhood education programs. LAUP even supports preschools that do not meet its initial standards for quality, so they may reach their potential and join our network.

    Letting families choose
    Families have the option of choosing from a wide range of LAUP preschool programs. LAUP funds preschool classrooms in public schools (including charters), private schools, and community and for-profit centers, and we are one of the few Los Angeles preschool programs that include home-based family child care programs as full partners. LAUP does not restrict enrollment in any of the early childhood education programs it funds—all children are welcome. However, due to public funding restrictions, some LAUP-funded preschool programs have their own income limitations.

    Connecting our programs to their communities
    Involving families in decision making, working to overcome cultural and linguistic barriers, and developing Los Angeles preschool programs that link community services to our preschools are the best ways to promote successful partnerships with our schools, families, and communities. LAUP’s goal is to enroll as many four year olds as possible in high-quality preschool programs throughout Los Angeles County, where a universal preschool system would become the largest in the nation and the second largest among all state systems.