Workforce and Professional Development

State of the Early Learning Workforce

Over the last 30 years, there has been a growing demand for Early Care and Education (ECE) services – both in homes and in centers – for families of all socioeconomic backgrounds. The field of ECE has faced significant challenges in attracting and maintaining the skilled, diverse and stable workforce that’s needed to nurture our youngest children. LAUP joins friends and partners in support of increasing the opportunities for professional growth and compensation; and attracting more individuals to the early learning workforce.

Professional Development

LAUP offers a wide range of services that support your personal goals. Our Professional Development Specialists assist teachers and providers in actualizing high quality practices and increasing qualifications, which lead to elevated early learning experiences for our youngest learners.

Site-Level Support

  • Permit application clinics
  • Specialized workshops
  • Stipend resources

Individual Advisement

  • Individual professional development plan
  • Professional growth advisement
  • Professional portfolio development
  • Transcript review
  • Stipend advisement
  • Eligibility for LA County ECE Stipend Programs

Dedicated teachers like you are the foundation for high quality classroom environments! For an in depth look at our Workforce and Professional Development Services, please click on the below brochure:


Partnerships & Initiatives

As part of our continued efforts to expand and grow the early learning workforce, LAUP is implementing an Early Childhood Exceptional Populations Certificate program for a select number of young people starting out in the field. The effort is made possible by funding from the Los Angeles City Workforce Development Board and the Ralph M. Parsons Foundation. Working with Los Angeles Community College District and Los Angeles City College, these students will have the opportunity to enhance their approach towards supporting children from Exceptional Populations including those with developmental delays, severe emotional and behavioral needs, incarcerated parents, foster children, and other special circumstances.

In addition, LAUP has been part of the greater conversation with the external workforce development efforts of LA County. We are strategically aligning our work with the Los Angeles Early Care and Educations Workforce Consortium and forging new partnerships to align with current and emerging strategies for increasing qualifications and quality in early education settings.  To read more about our external workforce efforts, click here.

If you are a provider or educator and would like to learn more about how to take advantage of LAUP services for Professional Development, please contact Claudia Sarmiento at 213.416.1335 or email

Early educators’ skills, knowledge, and well-being are inseparable from the quality of children’s early learning experiences.
Marcy Whitebook - Director of Center for the Study of Child Care Employment (2016)