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    Operating Guidelines


    The Los Angeles Universal Preschool Operating Guidelines is meant to serve as a useful reference tool to help Providers navigate LAUP's requirements and assist in the implementation and delivery of a high-quality preschool program. The operating guidelines are divided into six sections that outline LAUP's programmatic specifications and reporting requirements. Included in the back of the operating guidelines are a glossary of terms; general reference materials and sample reporting forms.

    While it is the Provider's responsibility to thoroughly read, understand and comply with the guidelines in this document, LAUP will work hard to answer any questions or concerns you may have and to support you in your efforts to provide high-quality preschool to 4-year-old children in Los Angeles County.

    The Operating Guidelines are meant for all LAUP Providers, but please be aware that certain guidelines meant for a specific type of provider may apply. Unless otherwise stated, all guideline provisions apply to all providers. Those guidelines that apply to specific types of providers, such as Inclusive Sites, are noted by having the specific type of provider listed at the beginning of an indented paragraph. The guideline in the indented paragraph then applies to that specific type of provider. If an indented guideline directly conflicts with another guideline, the indented guideline is controlling for that type of provider. Otherwise, all guidelines are meant to work in conjunction with one another.