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    Look UP

    Preschool: It gives children a quality foundation to reach for the stars.

    Consumer Reports, Yelp, Zagat, Angie’s List…

    When you get ready to buy a car, eat at a new restaurant, or choose a new doctor, what rating or review services do you seek out? With so many products and services out there, it is no wonder we look to the experts to help us sort out the best.

    When it comes to searching for the right preschool, our children deserve no less.  

    Fortunately, in choosing an LAUP-rated preschool, you can rest assured that its teachers, classrooms, playground, and business practices have received a quality rating through LAUP’s 5-Star Quality Rating and Improvement system.

    And we don’t just rate preschools. We make them better. LAUP’s assessors and classroom and fiscal coaches help preschool administrators and teachers reach their highest potential as educators and business owners so that our children can, in turn, reach for the stars.

    Research shows that children who attend quality preschools are more likely to graduate from high school, are four times more likely to earn a college degree, be employed, and earn a higher income. And after a year in LAUP-rated preschools, children surpassed the national average in math and literacy.

    It is this focus on the future that made Esther Bryant jump at the opportunity to enroll her son Isaiah at an LAUP preschool, despite the fact that she was not working at the time and had to drive 40 minutes to get there.

    Like most LAUP preschoolers, when Isaiah, now 12, started kindergarten, he was ahead in the game, and he has not stopped his momentum.

    Since entering his school district, he has earned the Principal’s Honor Roll each year. He has been a spelling bee champion, and outside the classroom, he plays baseball year round, as a member of the South Gate Rage travel team.

    Mrs. Bryant credits her LAUP preschool for helping develop her son’s adventurous spirit and educational foundation. Since Isaiah was not used to being around kids his age when he first stared preschool, at first he had a challenging time adjusting to being around other four year olds. Over time, through small group play and exercises and nurturing teachers, the bright little boy began to develop the social skills he needed to excel and become a math lover, violinist, scholar and baseball star.

    Isaiah praises his LAUP preschool for helping pull him out of his shell and laying a firm educational foundation.

    "My preschool teachers were really good," he says.

    By what standards does he measure their abilities?

    "I realize they were really good because they taught me things way ahead of time.”

    Whenever Isaiah peers into his future, he sees himself becoming a professional violinist one day.
    Somehow, in the midst of rigorous study habits and athletics, he finds time to play the keyboard and violin.

    The violin “sounds so angelic,” he explains. His favorite song to play is “Viva la Vida” by Coldplay.

    LAUP celebrates and congratulates this young scholar and his family.