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    I am in preschool.
    I am not built to sit still,
    stand in line,
    or keep quiet 
    all of the time.

    I need:
    and to engage
    the world with
    my whole body.

    Let me play! 
    (Trust me. I'm learning.)

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    I am in Preschool - Let Me Play!
    Through the eyes of a preschooler...

    The benefits of preschool are proven, undeniable, and critical to lifelong learning. Children who attend a quality preschool, like the ones funded by LAUP, enter kindergarten with better pre-reading skills, richer vocabularies, and stronger basic math skills than those who do not. These same individuals are more likely to graduate from high school, become employed, and earn a higher income. They are less likely to be placed in special education, be involved in crime, or need public assistance.

    Pre-writing skills for children who attended a LAUP funded preschool last year increased by 14 points from fall to spring, resulting in performances high above the national average.

    “Thanks to LAUP, Sasha was well prepared to excel in school when she began Kindergarten.  Sasha is now in the 4th grade, enrolled in the Gifted and Talented Program (GATE), has straight A’s and is thriving.  Thank you LAUP for giving my daughter a head start in school… and in life.”
    Former LAUP parent, Juanita Padilla