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    "I believe the purpose of quality early education is to share knowledge, so that children can acquire skills that will help them become productive members of society." - Katisha Jasper 

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    Health and Special Needs


    In this section we will connect you with the tools and resources you need to help you create and maintain quality practices around the areas of curriculum, health, special needs english language learners and transitioning your children to kindergarten.

    Health and Special Needs

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    Supporting Children with Special Needs
    "Inclusion is the full and active participation of children with disabilities and other special needs in community activities, services and programs designed for typically developing children including preschool."
    First 5 California – Children and Family Commission on School Readiness

    The goal of a quality inclusive preschool program is to support school readiness by improving provider access to best practices in classroom strategies and techniques that support children with special needs. Enhancing the quality of the preschool experience for children with special needs or those in special circumstances involves connecting preschools with key community resources and supporting effective classroom strategies. LAUP strives to support the needs of our preschool providers with timely information, education, training opportunities, and community resources when serving children with special needs or circumstances.

    Some of the most common areas of support are helping providers understand IEP process, speech and language delays, sensory needs of children (sensory integration), ASD and challenging behaviors. Program Support Specialists can connect provider with resources, information, access to training, and links to community resources.

    For more information about Special Needs support services at LAUP contact:
    Cynthia Santana, Program Support Specialist
    213-416-1244 or csantana@laup.net

    Astrid Feist, Program Support Specialist
    213-416-1214 or afeist@laup.net


    Special Needs Resources

    Click here to download a wide variety of resources available within L.A. County, including school districts, SELPA contacts, family resource centers and more.