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Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Helping prepare a young child for Kindergarten is an important milestone in your family’s life. LAUP has developed a simple guide to help parents like you gauge your child’s readiness in areas of vocabulary, math, health and social and emotional development. We’ve also created 10 Tips for a Smooth Transition as you and your family embark on this important journey together.

Click below to download and print the Kindergarten Readiness Benchmarks guide.


Picking Up STEAM

Have you heard of STEAM? Parents and educators alike are embracing the STEAM approach to learning which incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. There are lots of fun and easy ways to help guide your child in thinking scientifically at home and while you’re out and about. In developing these skills and concepts, your child will begin to solve problems, brainstorm and use their critical thinking skills in new ways.

Download the STEAM guide in English or Spanish. You can read more about this approach here.

Take Time. Talk!

Vocabulary acquisition is a vital step in preparing children for their best start in school and life. Research shows that children from lower income families hear 30 million fewer words than children from more affluent families by the time they reach three years old. LAUP works to arm all parents with simple tools to help narrow the “word gap” in the early years when it matters most.

When you read, sing and talk with your children using open-ended questions, you encourage them to think creatively and critically. “Take Time. Talk!” helps to expose your children to more positive, engaging language—a practice that provides a language foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Download the “Take Time. Talk!” guide in English or Spanish.

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