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    “People who participate in enriched early childhood programs are more likely to complete school and much less likely to require welfare benefits, become teen parents or participate in criminal activities. Rather, they become productive adults.” -James J. Heckman, PhD, Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences 2000

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    Helpful Tips


    Accessing the ETO Manual
    The manual was created to guide providers through ETO. You can access the manual by:

    • Going to the LAUP website at www.laup.net
    • Click on For Providers link along the top of the screen.
    • Scroll down and click the Program Help button (blue).
    • Scroll down and click the ETO button (blue).
    • Scroll down to Training models and Click on the LAUP ETO Attendance Manual download and print the manual for future use.

    Duplicate Attendance Entries
    Attendance is being duplicated when attendance is recorded twice for the same date of attendance. To avoid recording duplicate attendance:

    • We strongly encourage providers to record attendance on a daily or weekly basis. More mistakes are made when entering on a monthly basis.
    • It can be helpful to have more than one person trained to record attendance.
    • You should run attendance reports on a regular basis and before the deadline to ensure that your attendance data is accurate. If your attendance data is inaccurate, it could possibly affect your payments. You inquire how to run reports in the manual under "Attendance Reports".
    • Read the pop-up screens in grey to prevent duplicate entries.

    To view a short video on how to perform this task, please click on the link below (you will need Windows Media Player to view the video)

    Entering Attendance and Editing Before the Deadline
    All edits and attendance needs to be submitted in a timely manner. To avoid late submittal keep in mind that;

    • Attendance for each month must be recorded into the ETO system by the 1st Friday of the month or the 3rd business day of the month, whichever is later
    • Edits may not be made after the deadline. If edits are made after the deadline, your attendance data will be inaccurate and could possibly affect your payments

    Days of Recorded Attendance
    The recorded days of attendance need to coincide with your days of operation. In order to ensure that the proper days are being recorded, make sure that:

    • Attendance is being recorded for every day that you are open and for every day that children have the opportunity to attend.
    • Your recorded attendance in ETO MUST match the days of operation for each month as reported in your monthly enrollment report.