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    "Preschool is a critical aspect to child development. It is imperative for developing social-emotional, dramatic play, cognitive, language, emergent literacy, fine/gross motor, mathematic, and creative/abstract thinking skills. With all these skills, children will be able to excel in later years of secondary education and for many years after."- Priscilla Lee

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    When entering parent information into the ETO system, the "Date of Birth" or "Is this child receiving a subsidy" fields appear, what should I do?

    • For "Date of Birth" enter any date. For "Is this child receiving a subsidy" enter "None".

    How do I enroll twins into the ETO system?

    • In the ETO manual, follow steps 1-4 for "Enroll a New Family/Child" to enroll the first child.
    • Repeat steps 3 & 4 for the second child.
    • Complete steps 5 & 6 to enter parent/guardian information
    • At step 7, click "Add Enrollment" twice so you see 3 rows. You will need to assign both children to the Preschool Program and the parent/guardian to the Parents Program. See step 8 for more information.

    Should I assign non-LAUP children in the same classroom group with LAUP children?

    • No. When you run your attendance reports, the report will not distinguish between LAUP and Non-LAUP children and the attendance percentage on the report will not reflect your actual attendance for the LAUP children.
    • If you'd like to use the ETO system for Non-LAUP children, create a separate classroom group and use this to record attendance. Contact the ETO Hotline for assistance.

    If my program has an excused/unexcused attendance policy, how do I indicate this in ETO?

    • LAUP is looking at whether children are present or absent. You record a child as absent for any day they were not in school.


    • 1. When recording attendance in ETO, please be sure to record at the classroom/group level. Instructions for "Recording Attendance in ETO" are in the ETO manual. If you do not record attendance at the group level your attendance data will be inaccurate which could possibly affect your payments.
    • 2. Please make sure that the start date for each of your children is accurate. This should be the day that children started receiving service, i.e. the first day of school. To do this, see the section "Editing the Start Date" in the ETO manual.
    • 3. When enrolling children and families into the ETO system be sure to assign the parents/primary caregiver to the Parents Program. To do this, follow steps 7-8 for the section "Enroll a New Family/Child" in the ETO manual.
    • 4. When working in ETO please use center buttons (1-11) on the home page unless otherwise directed in the ETO manual.