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    “I really like the program. Throughout the year, I noticed how my daughter developed new skills. She became more social. She learned how to write her full name and last name. I love the different activities LAUP had, for example the Christmas musical. I think this is a great program for the kids. Thank you for everything.” – Gloria Gamboa, parent
    Children who attend preschool are 5 times more likely to own a home at age 27.
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    Efforts to Outcomes (ETO)


    LAUP launched a new web-based outcome and attendance tracking software called Efforts to Outcomes (ETO). On this system you will be able to take assessments, track child outcomes, complete LAUP forms and track attendance.

    NEW UPATES TO THE ETO FAQ!! Scroll down for the link to the updates.

    Questions & Support:
    ETO Hotline:

    ETO Helpdesk:
    Ron Smith

    Accessing your ETO site:
    To access your ETO site please click on the following link

    Training Manual(s):
    (click to download)
    1) LAUP ETO User Manual (Updated January 2014)
    2) LAUP ETO LACOE Referral Manual


    •  If you are not seeing any data in the "LAUP Eligibility Assessment-Assessed Children" report, the eligibility assessments have not yet been completed by LAUP. See the section "LAUP Proposed Enrollment Group" in the ETO manual for more information of when eligibility assessments will be completed.
    • Be sure to dismiss children from your LAUP classroom/group(s) at the end of each school year before assigning the next group of children to their appropriate classroom/group. To do this, see the section "Dismiss Individual Child or Entire Classroom Group from Program" in the ETO Manual. At steps 3 & 4, be sure to check the list of children on your screen as ALL children entered into the ETO system will appear. This list is not sorted by classroom and you will see children from all of your classroom groups, including children in the LAUP Proposed Enrollment Group. Please use the last day of school as the dismissal date. You will be using the classroom/groups that LAUP set up for you in ETO for each program year. DO NOT CREATE A NEW GROUP for each program year. This will cause your attendance data to be inaccurate which could possibly affect payments.