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Choosing A Preschool

CBS 2 It’s prime time for preschool enrollment. Jill Simonian, Parenting Lifestyle Contributor, shares on CBS Los Angeles about choosing the right preschool. LAUP’s play-based vs academic-based infographic is referenced as a guiding resource. Watch the full clip for more information:  


Five Cabinet Nominees Who Could Affect Education

The Atlantic The U.S. Department of Education is not the only office with power over student-related policy. The Administration for Children and Families wields significant control over early-childhood-development policy and is housed under the Department of Health and Human Services. If the Senate confirms him as secretary, Tom Price will have influence over funding for Head […]


‘Schools Can Save Lives’: An Exit Interview with the US Education Secretary

89.3 KPCC “I’m optimistic that, as a country, there is a realization that the success of our public education system is so central to our long-term future that we cannot afford to slide backwards. We achieved a high school graduation rate of 83 percent because we’ve seen significant reductions in the dropout rates for African-American […]


Long Beach Mayor Launches New Foundation to Support Preschool Education

Long Beach Press Telegram Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia is giving his title and influence — but not his formal involvement — to a new charity that will be devoted to supporting preschool education in the city. Garcia and Long Beach education leaders formally announced the new charity, called the Mayor’s Fund for Education, Thursday […]


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