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    Children need an average of 10-12 hours of sleep per day. 

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    Developing Sleep Routines

    Developing a sleep routine or ritual is a great way to get your children to prepare for bedtime. Children need an average of 10-12 hours of sleep per day. Adequate sleep allows children to rest and recover from the day and be ready to learn the next day. Share your plans for establishing this routine with your household Here are some easy tips to get your children to relax and helps them get into a bedtime routine so you can all rest easy.

    • Inform your child approximately 30 minutes before bedtime about this transition.
    • Invite your child to choose what types of activity they would like to do wind down. (choose their own pajama, stuffed animal friend, select a story to read etc.)
    • Dim the lights in the house , turn off the television and play soft music.
    • Trysome stretching poses with your children such as in Yoga (take deep breaths, stretching side to side, head and shoulder rolls)
    • Use story time to help you and your child down relax and get ready for bed
    • Encourage your child to brush their teeth with you and share any closing thoughts to end the day
    • Use essential oils such as lavender in a diffuser or spray in the air to create a relaxing scent you all can use to soothe and help you to unwind.
    • Remind your child that they are loved and how much you appreciate each other.