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    LAUP Annual Report

    LAUP 2014 Annual Report - "10 Years, 10 Reasons"

    When children turn 10 years old, it’s a big deal. They’ve reached the coveted double digits. They’ve crossed a multitude of developmental milestones. They are approaching the bridge of a new era. They can hardly wait for what lies ahead.

    As an organization that turned 10 years old in 2014, the LAUP family basks in this same sense of excitement and accomplishment. This annual report—entitled “10 Years, 10 Reasons”—commemorates LAUP’s milestones of serving Los Angeles County communities and presents just some of the reasons why the mission of providing quality early care and education to all children remains critical.

    Celia C. Ayala, Ph.D., CEO, LAUP
    David Crippens, Board Chair, LAUP Board of Directors 

    Click below to download LAUP's 2014 Annual Report:

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